Questions for Personal References

1. How long have you known the applicant?
2. How did you meet?

3. Have you ever visited the home?
a. Do you believe the home is large enough to accommodate a pet?
b. Have you seen the backyard or area where the dog will be outside? (apartments may not have yards, but do have dog play      areas)
c. Is there a fence? What type of fence? Is it secure?
4. Have you ever witnessed the interaction of the applicant with their personal pets or another person's pets?
a. If so, how would you describe that interaction?
5. What type of disciplinarian is the applicant with pets? (this question may not be relevant - depends on the response to questions No. 4)
6. Do you believe the adopter would be financially responsible in the event of long-term illness or an emergency?
7. Do believe the adopter is (or would be) a responsible Pet Owner
8. Remember to thank the reference for their time and assistance.

***If you don't feel comfortable with the answers or the reference's responses, thank them and report it on the dog's thread. Just because we have received an application does not mean the person applying has to be approved.