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Male/Female Female
Breed Lab/Beagle Mix
Altered Yes
Weight 25 lbs
Age 2 years
Good w/ Kids Yes
Good w/Cats Unknown
Good w/ Other Dogs Yes
Potty Trained Almost
Crate Trained No
Apts OK? No
MUST Haves Fenced-in yard; would love a home with kids


My Story

Love in a small package…that describes Moriah!  At 25 lbs. and 16” at the shoulder, she is a full-grown sweet, cuddly, 2-year-old female Lab/Beagle mix.

Ready to lavish a pup with love?  Moriah’s your girl!  Her coat is as soft as velvet so petting her is a pleasure AND she LOVES the attention!

Moriah is dog and kid friendly.  She quickly adapted to life in our home with our 4 dogs who vary from 10 lbs. to 100 lbs.  She enjoys running, playing, and exploring with them in our backyard which she accesses through a dog door.  A fenced yard that she can play in is a must! Moriah would especially enjoy a home with another dog but, as long as she gets attention from her people, she would probably be fine as an only dog. In the evening, she likes to snuggle on the couch as everyone winds down from the day.  If you are looking for a bed buddy at night, she is more than happy to accommodate!

Moriah enjoys walks in the neighborhood while we work on leash training.  We are also currently working on basic commands like Wait, Sit, and Chop! Chop! as a return phrase.  Moriah goes out on her own through the dog door when she needs to potty or, if the dog door isn’t open, she goes to the door to let you know that she wants to go out.  Before bed, we let her out and say “Get to it. Do your business.” and she quickly goes and comes back inside.

Moriah loves everyone she meets and is very gentle with young children. She is laid back and has shown no food aggression, doesn’t chew things, and doesn’t bark excessively. She is the perfect compact package!  If you are ready for a lifetime of unconditional love from a sweetheart of a dog, Moriah is ready and waiting for you!

Moriah is available for adoption in both Texas and the northeast