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Male/Female Female
Breed English Pointer/Beagle/Pit
Altered No
Weight 15 lbs
Age 2-3 months
Good w/ Kids Yes
Good w/Cats Unknown
Good w/ Other Dogs Yes
Potty Trained Almost there!
Crate Trained Yes
Apts OK? No
MUST Haves



My Story

Once upon a time, there were three little puppies – Bibbidi, Bobbidi and Boo – who didn’t have the best start in life. Enters Addicus in the role of the Fairy Godmother to save them from a terrible fate. She is a 2-3 month-old puppy. Our best guess is that she is an English Pointer / Pit Bull / Beagle mix. We estimate that she’ll be between medium and large size when she’s fully grown.

Bobbidi is hilarious! She makes us laugh everyday with her personality. She is very playful and bubbly. She loves to play tug-o-war with anyone who will tug back. She is a little busy-body who always wants to be in the know and take part in the action. And like her sisters, she does the cutest “ahooo” when she yawns. She is crate trained. She will sleep from 10:30pm to 7am, without any “accidents” in the crate.

Bobbidi is available for adoption in both Texas and the Northeast. Her ideal home would be with a family who is home more than not, so she has the attention and socialization that every puppy needs.