Ziggy was a stray that was living under an abandoned house who deserved a better life! He is a 10 month old, terrier mix that weighs 16 lbs.

Ziggy is very sweet and gentle. He is a little skittish and cautious of new situations (tucks tail and is afraid to approach strangers) but does warm up with a little time and patience. He is wonderful with children and other dogs. He really loves to be outdoors. He has not yet exhibited any negative behaviors. Ziggy is not an excessive barker, has had no accidents in the house, and  is not destructive or a chewer. He is a very sweet, calm and gentle that is incredibly loving once he warms up. 

  • Location



  • Breed

    Terrier Mix

  • Age

    10 months


  • Gender



  • Weight

    16 lbs