Winston Roberts

Mr Winston is a very laid back calm gentleman.  He is a 3 year old Lab mix. Winston is housebroken, does very well on lead, and has great recall. In short, he really is an all round super boy! 

He is a rather quiet guy now as he has learned one bark to alert his foster is all that is acceptable.

Winstons’s foster mom/ dog trainer says he insists on meeting new humans and dogs in a calm, slow manner at first, as that is his way of greeting newcomers. He has got along with every human and dog he has met thus far if done in this manner. 

Winston’s ideal forever home would be a family who will continue to provide the love, care, regular exercise and routine Winston needs. A home with an experienced dog owner and older children (if applicable) would be a good match. 



  • Location



  • Breed

    Lab mix

  • Age

    3 years

  • Gender



  • Weight

    90 lbs