Hi! I’m Tucker! Life didn’t start so great for me - I was born under a shed in South Texas and nobody even noticed I was around. Someone even hurt my eye as a young puppy, which made me even more scared. Then I got rescued and my life changed. It was hard to trust people at first but my foster fur-siblings helped a lot! They showed me that it was ok to be loved. I love food and toys, after all, I’m still kind of a puppy. I like walking on leash as long as I’m walking behind a good dog like my foster brother, who shows me to be brave. I like to walk close to my person because it makes me feel safe. My favorite place is my kennel and I like to spend time there when I’m overwhelmed. I’m learning to enjoy affection from people so I would like a human that can be patient with me and let me grow with them. I would love a small family of my own with a very confident and playful fur sibling! Ear rubs and booty scratches are starting to be my favorite thing and I’ll be your bestest friend ever for cheese. Maybe you like cheese, too?

  • Location


  • Breed

    Coonhound/Shepherd Mix


  • Age

    11 months

  • Gender


  • Weight

    50 lbs