Terry (TX adoption only)

Terry (TX adoption only)

A very affectionate and friendly 1+ y/o Hound/Boxer mix, Terry will work his way into your heart.  He quickly attached to his foster dad and follows him anytime he leaves the room.  He is a huge "puppy" who is still learning his own strength.  The mere mention of his name leads him to worm his way to where his foster dad is, nuzzling his head across his neck and giving him a "doggie bath" in the most respectful manner.  He gets along well with his foster family's pack, which includes a 17-lb Jack Russell,  a 16-lb terrier, a 35-lb hound/Shar-Pei mix, and a 50-lb lab mix.


 Terry is a warm and trusting dog who needs an alpha owner, particularly a male.  He will quickly win your heart and become the indispensable companion you have been looking for.


Terry is available for adoption in TX.


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  • Breed

    Hound Mix

  • Age

    1 year

  • Gender



  • Weight

    46 lbs

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