“Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” Agatha Christie

Sophia is a 32 pound, fully vetted and spayed Aussie mix. She is a special dog in that her fear of people overshadows her love for life. Sophia takes time to warm up to her humans. Even after 2 months in her foster’s home, she still needs a gentle approach as she startles easily, but progress has been made and it’s apparent that she’s still learning on how to accept being a loved dog.Some of the things that Sophia is not are: a barker, a fetcher, an alpha and a traveler. She IS the type of dog who lays quietly in your work space waiting for a leashed walk around the block or a chance at some outdoor zoomies in the backyard. She’s good with the cats in her foster’s home and she is food motivated which helps in earning her trust. Our picture perfect life for this gentle lady is in a quiet, mature home with another dog (possibly older) who knows the ropes and can help Sophia’s insecurities subside. She requires an experienced dog owner who is okay with taking the time for her to establish trust and continuity. A stay at home companion would be icing on the cake. No young children as their movements are too fast and scary for her. Slowly and quietly Sophia is rejoining our world and we’re asking that you give her all the love she deserves and the patience she needs in order to one day be the dog who once was hiding and now is thriving.

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  • Breed

    Australian shepherd mix

  • Age

    1 year


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  • Weight

    32 lbs

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