Skittles and Snickers

Two of America’s favorite candies, Skittles and Snickers just happen to also be one of the cutest canine couples! They are 10 years old, 6-8 lbs.

Skittles (white) and Snickers (white & brown) are huggable, spunky Chihuahua mixes who adore each other. They even prefer to share a crate so they can snuggle up together.

Around a year ago their beloved owner passed away and they have been cared for by another family member since that time. This pair would be great companions for someone looking for lap dogs to snuggle with at the end of the day or during midday naps.
Skittles and Snickers do enjoy their walks and backyard explorations. Skittles appears to be the leader of the two as she paves the way while Snickers faithfully follows behind her. We are told she even likes to “dress up” as you see in her picture modeling her cute sweater.
These love bugs are crate trained and housebroken and will respond to their name when called.
Skittles and Snickers were fortunate to find each other, now they are looking to warm the hearts (and laps) of a forever family! 

  • Location



  • Breed


  • Age

    10 years


  • Gender

    Male (Snickers) and Female (Skittles)


  • Weight

    6-8 lbs