Shay is a two-year-old, shepherd mix. She weighed just 32 pounds when we took her in, and she is not at a healthy 52 pounds. Shay is being fostered in a home with 4 other dogs. She is very good and gets along with all of them. She is crate trained. She uses the dog door, and is quickly learning that she will get fed everyday. She is working on her basic commands. Shay sits for treats with all the other dogs.


Shay is amazingly agile. She loves to run, and loves going on walks. We are working on her leash manners.  She is a very energetic, happy, easygoing girl. She loves her Nyla bones. She loves to lay next to you on the couch. We don’t think she had ever been in a home before. She needs to be supervised as she is still learning things like phone cords aren’t toys. She wants to please, and she will be your shadow she will follow you from room to room and lay down quietly. The perfect home for Shay would be a home that would be willing to continue to training her. A home with another dog or an active outside lifestyle that she could join would be great. Someone interested in agility or hiking , running walking would find her a very willing partner would also be a plus.
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  • Breed

    Shepherd mix

  • Age

    2 years


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  • Weight

    52 pounds

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