Meet Randall! He’s 14 weeks of lab puppy and looking for a family that has as much energy as he does. Randall is a loving, happy, and sometimes clumsy puppy who will thrive in a home where he has space to run and play. But this tall, dark, and handsome boy is more than just good looks. He’s very smart. Randall loves to play fetch and is excelling with responding to basic commands. He is also crate trained and goes in when told. Randall loves other dogs but can be a little much at times for some. It’s not his fault — he just doesn’t understand why other’s don’t want to play “catch the tail” all day long. Or why other dogs don’t appreciate their tails being the desired tail caught. He would do well with another playful pup (of any age), a very patient dog, or in a single-dog home with lots of attention. Randall enjoys being outdoors. Bonus: there’s no need to stress over him seeing a neighborhood cat as he pays little to no attention to those when he’s surrounded by grass to sniff or run in. Once all of the energy has left his little body, Randall enjoys snuggling for a good nap. He enjoys the comfier side of life so don’t be surprised if you find him curled up in a blanket or in a really fluffy bed.

  • Location


  • Breed

    Lab mix


  • Age

    14 weeks


  • Gender


  • Weight

    16 lbs

  • Is Dog Cat Friendly?