Rae is a confident, curious pup who is eager to learn. Rae has a contagious energy, is hilarious & playful, and is a rambunctious puppy. She has one brown eye & one half brown/half blue eye! 35 lbs and growing at only 5.5 months old, she is expected to be a medium-large dog looking to join a forever family that is ready to play, play, play!


This intelligent lady loves to explore and learn new things. She is (not-so-patiently) waiting for her next race or game of chase!! She is crate trained, house trained, sleeps through the night and is an excitable, smiley girl, looking to be your running companion. Rae would love to be in a family with or without children, other dogs, or cats in the house. The more the merrier! ALL puppies require patience and training, and Rae is eager to please. She will be your next companion as long as belly rubs and kisses have no limit in your home. Her ideal match will be in a home with a yard (not an apartment) and be excited to teach her about the world and watch her grow.  


Rae is available for adoption in TX or the Northeast. 

  • Location


  • Breed

    Husky Mix

  • Age

    4 Months


  • Gender



  • Weight

    25 lbs


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