* Currently available in TX only

This Princess is in search of her happily ever after...

After recently being rescued and brought to a loving foster home, this beautiful 2 year old Shepherd mix is beginning to let her sweet personality shine! Princess is still timid and shy with unfamiliar people, however, she is resilient and is starting to let go of what must have been a traumatic past and is now ready to experience life as the member of a loving family of her own. 

Princess loves to be taken on walks and has interest in toys but doesn’t seem too familiar with them. 


Her ideal home is one that is relatively quiet and has at least a 6 foot secure fence to keep her safe, especially as she transitions to a new home. Loud noises appear to startle Princess, therefore a home without children or with older children would be best. 


With love and patience this gorgeous girl will blossom! 



  • Location



  • Breed

    Shepherd Mix

  • Age

    2 1/2 years


  • Gender



  • Weight

    45 lbs