Polka Dot

Polka Dot

Found in south Texas where all too often dogs are left to fend for themselves, Polka Dot and her 4 siblings were rescued by the Donna shelter first and Addicus last.Currently living the life on a farm in foster care, Polka Dot is enjoying her days in the sun. Her adult teeth are coming in which indicates she's at least 4 months old. Polka Dot has long legs and will probably be close to 40 pounds.Polka Dot is the shyest out of her 4 other sisters. She wags her tail and tries so hard to trust. She's playful with her foster's dogs and she has every intention to warm up and come around if you give her the slow introduction she needs.She will do well in a home with a patient person who is up for the housetraining task and someone who is around for the last part of her puppyhood until she learns the rules to be left alone.Long walks are a great way to exercise a young dog on a leash while you get to know them.
Last photo will show Polka Dot's Momma for size comparison.

Polka Dot is up for adoption in TX only.
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    Lab mix

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    4 months


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