Pepsi is a 3 year old, 56 pound (neutered) male border collie who was at the Guadalupe County Shelter for weeks before being rescued by Addicus' Legacy. He needed 3 days of decompression with his foster before he settled in to his new routine.
Pepsi is as instinctive as they come. His first inclination at his foster's home was to go round up the goats and cows. He loves to run and he prefers the company of his person over being alone. He's done well meeting the other dogs both at the shelter and at home. 
This boy is high energy and requires exercise. He has amazing recall, knows "sit", will patiently wait for his dinner, loves to fetch, follows alongside his person with no leash and is completely housetrained. He rides shotgun like an old friend in the front of your pickup and knows that the day's not done until the sun sets.
An ideal home for Pepsi would be with an adopter who either likes to run, hike or has some land for him to pal alongside while out and about. Children older than 8 would be best for this boy's energy level.
Pepsi will not do well contained; a kennel won't do this boy justice and neither would an apartment life. We look forward to finding his forever home and meeting his match.
Pepsi is available for adoption in Texas and New England.
  • Location


  • Breed

    Border Collie

  • Age

    3 years



  • Gender


  • Weight

    56 lbs

  • Is Dog Cat Friendly?

    Chases cats