Find yourself lonely sitting on the couch while checking out the latest show on netflix?...Or perhaps it's a bit chilly in your home and you'd like a furry companion to snuggle up next to you for extra warmth? Well Padre may be the right pup for you! 
Padre is an 18 month old Lab mix who appears to enjoy the luxury of naps. While at his foster home he doesn't seem to be familiar with toys so isn't too playful in that manner but he's young so this could definitely change over time. 
Padre is a sweet, affection loving boy who has had good manners while in his foster home with the time he needed to adjust to his new surroundings. He goes in and out of his crate and responds well to direction. Padre is a smart pup who appears to be eager and quick to learn (chicken & bacon treats help for motivation).  

Padre is available for adoption in Texas only. He would do best in a home where he could be the only dog as he appears to be afraid of other dogs and will freeze up or shy away from them. 
This cutie is ready for a forever home! Is it with you? 

  • Location


  • Breed

    Lab Mix

  • Age

    18 months

  • Gender


  • Weight

    44 lbs