Who's happy, sloppy, fun and loves water? Oliver!! That's who!

Oliver is man and dog's best friend. He never has a bad day and if you leave him alone with a big bowl of water, he'll find a way to turn it into a swimming pool.

This handsome boy has rear dewclaws. We believe whole heartedly that that's his mastiff trademark.  He's gently blended with a few other South Texas breeds but his size as a 4 month old pup, tells us he'll favor the 90 pound range as an adult.

Oliver will alert you to a visitor (be it a chicken or a cat in his current foster's home) and is an excellent communicator. His foster is working on potty training and we see great strides in this handsome, gentle giant.

Oliver would love a family of his own, he doesn't require a ton of exercise but during the dog days of summer, he'd prefer his own watering hole so be ready for some pool side entertainment. A fenced in yard would suit him best as he does have a curiosity streak.

Oliver is available for adoption in the Northeast.

  • Location


  • Breed

    Mastiff/Shepherd mix


  • Age

    16 weeks

  • Gender



  • Weight

    27 lbs

  • Is Dog Cat Friendly?

    Enjoys the chase!