Nestle is a 15 pound, neutered and fully vetted male Min Pin who came to Addicus over a year ago as a feral dog who was left to fend for himself. He was completely untrusting of people and highly unsocialized. He had a very rough start in life and as a result needs a family that is patient. Nestle has finally reached the benchmark of adoption where he will let someone pet him after a slow introduction. This in the world of rescue, is a grand success!

Nestle (aka Boo) today is a wonderful and playful goofball. Although he is not a lap dog, he will communicate for affection and his foster notes that he'll asked to be picked up by doing a "little dance". He can be coaxed (and trained) with all treats and he loves other dogs. We recommend a dog similar in size or smaller so that play is fair and he has an established dog to learn from.

Nestle will do best in a home with a fenced yard and a kennel in a quite place inside where he can feel safe. He is a potential flight risk when spooked so his first few months into a new home should be carefully monitored with doors to the outside not being left opened. Young children can be too fast and loud for this little guy so a mature home is best for his success.

New things are still scary for Nestle but with time and patience he adapts and in return he will bring you plenty of laughs with his very expressive personality. His foster shares that every day this dog brings her joy and makes her smile and we know if placed in the right home, he will do the same for his new family.

Nestle is available in Texas only.

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  • Breed

    Miniature Pinscher Mix

  • Age

    1 year


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  • Weight

    15 lbs

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