Moon Moon

Moon Moon

Moony is a ridiculous, lovey boy. He had a rough start and never learned social skills with other critters but is submissive to humans and eager to please.

He LOVES tennis balls and tough squeaky toys. His favorite toy is his squeaky Kong bunny. He needs lots of play, exercise and affection. Needs room in the yard to run. He gives the best kisses. (His teeth get brushed daily!) Moon is a ridiculous goofball who doesn't know his own size. He likes to sit in your lap and he enjoys feeling small and protected. 

He likes sticking his head out the window on car rides and getting whipped cream treats from Starbucks. Known commands: sit, heel, catch, down, lay down, wait, up, come, and free. He comes if you whistle. He understands "stay and "place but doesn't always do it. He loves playing fetch with tennis balls and rope toys. He gives endless kisses! He hides under the bed when it rains or if he's scared. He is crate trained but gets depressed if he has to stay in the crate a lot. He needs a lot of human presence and love. In return, he will love you with all of his big, goofy heart. He will let you flop him onto his back and play with his paws, and he gets this relaxed, goofy grin. He seems to always do better if he has a strong male presence around; a male "pack leader seems to make him feel more secure. He's very sensitive to his owner's moods and becomes fearful/hides if his owner is upset or crying. 

Moon does not do well with other animals and needs to be the only pet in the household. Moon is available for adoption in Texas.

  • Location


  • Breed

    Golden Retriever/Shepherd Mix

  • Age

    3 years


  • Gender


  • Weight

    65 lbs