Mikey is a nine-year-old, 11-pound Chiweenie, with a big big heart. He is a lover through and through, just as happy to lie on your lap for hours enjoying belly rubs as run laps around the yard. He’s equally comfortable snuggling amongst blankets or basking in the sun. Mikey is a loyal best friend! This little guy has lots of personality, and smarts too. He is potty-trained to perfection, and brings near impeccable manners to every mealtime. Also he understands when you prefer for him not to be on furniture. This little guy is not an instant fan of human strangers - he needs time to warm up to any new presence, and might growl or snap if someone unfamiliar tries to play with him before he has an opportunity to develop trust.  He is in no way vicious, but simply particular about how, and by whom, he is approached. He thoroughly enjoys people he knows well, while sometimes feeling threatened and frightened by strangers.  He would do best in a stable, calm home, without young children. A consistent, gentle homebody would be perfect for Mikey. He will be licking your face within moments of meeting you so get ready for love!

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    9 years


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    11 lbs