This big beautiful girl is Magnolia. She's a Great Pyrenees/Shepherd mix under a 1 year old and believes she is smaller than she is...I mean whats so wrong with a 60lb lap dog?? ;-) 

Magnolia is very much a puppy, loves to play, and play chase, hide and go seek, and love on the resident dog in her foster home. She is always excited, likes to dig, and enjoys "talking."

Once Magnolia is acclimated to her surroundings and comfortable with her favorite place to be is right next to you, following her human around.  She wants all the attention on her so being an only dog in the home would suit her just fine. Her ideal home would be one in which she has plenty of room to romp around and burn off energy.  She is best suited in a home with older children or no children as she continues to trust humans. We don't know her exact story but the mark on her muzzle appears to be a scar from a past experience where some sort of abuse occurred. 
Magnolia will ask to go outside to potty and it really is her favorite place to be.

Are you the happy ending to her rescue story? 

  • Location


  • Breed

    Great Pyrenees/Shepherd Mix

  • Age

    10-11 months

  • Gender


  • Weight

    58 lbs