This tiny lady is Lyla!! At 6 months old, 25 pounds & growing, this curly-haired cutie pie loves to love and is a velcro pup, to her doggy BFFs or her humans. Don't let her long body and short legs fool you, Lyla is ready to PLAY all day. This spunky, toy-hoggin', optimist lives for your love and attention and is sure to make you laugh with her goofy, loyal personality. 


Lyla is a social butterfly and her puppy energy is contagious. She's often caught egging on her foster siblings to romp around with her in the grass. Her eagerness to play, translates well to her training & her forever family should be ready to work on her basic commands while providing ample enrichment activities. She's a sucker for snacks and treats and is very food motivated which makes her super trainable. A family that wants to watch this puppy master her social skills is a must. She’s an absolute sweetheart and loves to snuggle or get belly rubs!! She can be very timid and easily startled but warms up quickly. Once she’s checked everything out and is comfortable with a dog, she’s their immediate BFF. 


The perfect home for Lyla would have another dog playmate to wrestle, chase, and fetch with! She'll be a perfect adventure dog because she loves to please and prefers to stay close to her family.  A perfect day for Lyla is soaking up the sun outside, playing with other dogs, and chasing a ball! A backyard that is fenced in is a must for this growing lady! 


Lyla is available for adoption in TX or the Northeast. 

  • Location


  • Breed

    Black Lab / Spaniel Mix

  • Age

    6 months old 

  • Gender



  • Weight

    25 lbs

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