Lulu's life hasn't been easy. She wandered onto a stranger’s patio during the winter storm in February ready to give birth. We suspect she was on her own for quite some time before that too. She is loving and sweet natured and as a result of being in survival mode for a while, she is sometimes overprotective. Lulu has shown her foster that all she needed was love and good training to let her know that she is safe and has learned that she doesn’t have to be on guard anymore, her humans can be in charge of her safety now. She has responded wonderfully to the training she has received.
Lulu is one smart dog! She knows sit and down and has recently learned “paw”. She alerts when she needs to go out, is kennel trained and even puts herself to bed. She only plays with her own toys, no need to worry about losing a shoe to her. And she loves to fetch! Going on an adventure? Take LuLu! She loves a car ride and is great on a leash. Planning for a lazy day at home? That’s okay too just plan on lots of cuddles because LuLu can’t resist your lap and she’s happy to be a nap buddy.
Lulu will thrive in a home with a confident owner who will keep her in the trained mindset she has learned. She’ll do well with another dog or dogs in the home with proper introductions and will enjoy the company of children 13 or older.
Lulu is available for adoption in TX and the Northeast.
  • Location



  • Breed

    Retriever/Sheperd mix

  • Age

    1 year


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  • Weight

    30 pounds

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