Lucy Goosey

Lucy Goosey

Introducing Miss Lucy Goosey. Lucy is a 2 1/2 year old Piebald dachshund who was an owner surrender. She came to us not well trained and had some behavior issues starting with resource guarding and aggression. While in her foster's care she has come so far. Her resource guarding is a habit that can be deterred fairly easily by not spoiling her and keeping a firm and loving tone in her first few weeks with her new family. If not handled correctly, Lucy's fear of new people can escalate. Introductions need to be made slowly, allowing time to gain her trust. She's a snuggler, she loves gentle petting and a long walk. She's incredible off of a leash and just as good on one. She gets along well with other dogs and cats but she prefers her human. Lucy would do best in a home with no children and with someone who is home more than not. We believe she was trained using wee wee pads but has since learned to go outside, this is still new to her and will take some time before she only wants to go outside. Lucy loves to play fetch. She will nose a toy or ball back to you after retrieving. She has what some would say "spunk" and it's a joy to see a dog that's been moved around so much, ease into what we all know she could be; a loving and loyal companion. Lucy is a great traveler and knows how to use a dog door. Initially she was crate trained but has since not had to use it. Loud noices frighten her but a calming tone and reassurance will ease that fear. She'll do best in a low key home where her owner has experience with dogs, an understanding of a rescued pup and a patient heart.

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    2 years


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    13 lbs