Lucy Goosey

Lucy Goosey

Lucy is a love but also energetic and very smart. She is a little wary of strangers but warms up quickly. Lucy needs to be in control of the relationship and earn trust. So until then no grabbing, picking up, reaching out to pet- although she may be smiling and wagging her tail!


Lucy is one of the smartest dogs her foster has met. Once she's let down her guard and let you into her world, her heart is all yours and she wants to be with you, comes when you call, wants to please you.  She loves to cuddle like a swaddled baby in your arms after getting to know you. She doesn't have to go 24/7 and can be calm.


Lucy can run like the wind and can be very active. She know how and loves to fetch balls and is really good at it and enjoys it! She knows the "drop" command too and is eager to play. She goes to her crate easily and feels safe there. She sleeps there all night quietly.


Lucy loves walks and does well on a leash. She is looking for a home that will allow her the time to warm up. She would do best in a home without young children.

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  • Age

    2 years


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  • Weight

    13 lbs