Ladybug is a 2 year old, 50 lb Hound mix. She had a litter of puppies a couple of months ago. They are adopted now it's her turn! Here are a few to things to note about Ladybug!

-She loves to run (I take her for 3-5 mile runs in the morning @ 8:30 pace)

-Loves affection, always happy to receive lots of petting

- Most comfortable in her own space

- Needs slow introductions with other dogs. She is not a dog park kind of gal.

- Loves morning walks

- Great around children, including younger ones who aren't as gentle LOL

- Notices but ignores cats

- Is generally quiet and does not bark a lot - Loves the outdoors

- A gentle sweet girl

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  • Breed

    Hound mix

  • Age

    2 years

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  • Weight

    50 pounds

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