Kayot (Kai) is a smart, curious & happy puppy! At just 3 months old, and weighing 15lbs this growing boy is rambunctious and loves to learn about the world through running, chewing, chomping, and rolling around. He loves being around people, splashing in water and playing with toys. He's already mastered his crate manners, sleeping well in his crate through the night, and doesn't mind staying home in the crate for short periods.


Kayot is incredibly smart, already learning how to sit, and takes pride in his ability to walk well on a leash, although he doesn't love being outside in the hot sun for too long. Kayot is a growing puppy, working on his house training, and will need some redirection during play if he starts testing boundaries or getting a little rough. Overall, this stud is incredibly sweet and loves everything!! 


This confident rascal is ready to rumble at all times and would love an equally confident family to channel his puppy energy, curiosity, and excitement into positive behaviors. He will do best with a family devoted to puppy raising, who has time to play, train, and love on him. With proper and continued training, Kayot is dog friendly, great with people and children, and will thrive in a home looking for a delightful pup to add to their family. 


Kayot is available for adoption in TX or the Northeast. 

  • Location


  • Breed

    Shepherd Mix

  • Age

    3 Months


  • Gender



  • Weight

    15 lbs & Growing


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