Jack is approximately 5 years old and weighs 60 lbs. He is a super smart dog who is very willing to learn. He’s treat motivated and knows sit, shake/high five, and down. Jack is crate trained, and he has not had a potty accident since he's been in his foster home.

While out in his fosters’s yard Jack has done extremely well and has not made any attempts at climbing, jumping, or digging to get out of fenced yard. He has been happy and content with running around in yard, playing ball, and splashing around in the dog pool.


He has been quiet for the most part while crated, and he only gets a little vocal when he’s hungry, wants to go potty, or is bothered by a cat or dog getting too close to his crate. He does have resource guarding issues with food, but wouldn’t be an issue if fed in his crate to avoid that issue.


Jack is available in the NORTH only.

  • Location

    Texas, but will be transport to the northeast

  • Breed

    Husky Mix

  • Age

    5 years


  • Gender


  • Weight

    60 lbs