Oh Griffin. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

This beautiful boy is a survivor on exponential levels. As a young pup, he survived distemper- a horrible and deadly disease for puppies, he survived abandonment on the streets and he has survived the shelter. You couldn't ask for a happier and more grateful soul.

At 26 pounds and 4 months ,Griffin is a shepherd mix and lover of all things; people, toys, dogs, cats and water.... especially water.

Griffin spends his days napping and playing alongside his other rescue buddies. He is a pure gentleman when meeting other pups for the first time and reads their energy very well. He doesn't jump in and engage right away but rather observes and assesses at first.

Griffin is a kind soul, his foster is working on his recall. He's learning what potty training is and falls on the quieter side of the barking meter.

This boy is in great health, however the signs of distemper have left their imprint. His teeth's enamel is discolored and he does have head tremors. Often distemper survivor's tremors or ticks will lessen over time (see video). This boy will prove to you and the world that he is strong and willing and an absolute dream of a companion.

Griffin is available for adoption in the Northeast.

  • Location


  • Breed

    Shepherd mix


  • Age

    16 Weeks Old 

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  • Weight

    25 lbs

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