Goose is a 2 year old, 70 pound male Staffordshire/Hound dog mix. He started life out in a shelter as a small puppy and was adopted 2 years ago by his person who lived in an apartment in Boston.

He loved his people. What he didn't love was the rides in the elevator at his high rise. It became apparent to his loved owners that the best chance Goose had at a better, happier life was one where he could have the freedom and training that he required.

Goose has been with a professional trainer for almost 3 months. In this time it has been determined that this boy needs rules. He will require an experienced adopter who will continue his training and be diligent on proper introductions to strangers.

If Goose was a person, he'd be your big, protective brother. If he had a title, he'd be your body guard. This boy has an innate sense to protect his beloved person from danger. That could be another dog coming on too aggressive towards you or even an unwelcomed guest. It's not often that a dog have this born ability to discern good from bad without training. A boy like Goose is one in a million.

Goose is what we describe as a "slow to warm" dog. He doesn't do well in small spaces with new people. Once he is properly introduced and given time to meet someone on his timeline, Goose will trust and love them. This boy will need someone to bring him to stores and social outings to continue his exposure to strangers. Currently, when out and about, he wears a muzzle. This also helps strangers to ask before touching. Goose has made amazing strides in his 3 months with his trainer. He knows heel, sit, stand, place, stay and many other commands. He loves to play, he loves to love. Goose is a complete goofball and entertains himself with toys and enjoys playing outdoors. He gets along well with other dogs and is great in the car.

Goose has insecurities, he will need a strong leader to follow as he will "try" to be in charge.  He is easily corrected and food motivated. This hound boy mix will require a 6 foot fence as his instincts will lead him to follow his nose beyond boundaries.

An ideal home for Goose will be with a seasoned adopter with either no children or older children (18+). We have no doubts that with as far as he's come in only 3 months, that this boy will overcome his lack of confidence with consistency.


Goose is currently residing in Massachusetts and is available for adoption in the Northeast only.



  • Location


  • Breed

    Staffordshire and Hound mix


  • Age

    2  years, 3 months

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  • Weight

    70 lbs

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