Whiskey Tango Foxtrot or WTF, I know exactly what wtf stands for. Where's The Food! I knew exactly where to find the food. In the neighborhood trash cans. Humans throw away perfectly tasty heaps of food. So I was halping myself to the dumpster diner when a little lady heard a dude say he was gonna shoot me if I got into the trash again. Wow. That escalated quickly. 

The little lady called a mama lady who knew a rescue lady and told her she needed to save the trash puppy. Upawn her arrival, I was caught red handed or red mouthed as I was carrying a frozen full pack of steaks. The Rescue Lady tried to get me in her van by grabbing MY steaks and tossing them in the cage in her van. Nope. Not falling for the ole get in my van I have candy trick. Plus she didn't have candy, it was steak.

She thought I'd follow the food, but instead I ran and hid behind a neighborhood kid I knew and licked him to ask for assistance in getting my steaks back. The Rescue Lady was swifter than I thought and she grabbed me and plopped me into her van cage. It was a tight fit because I wasn't "puppy" sized like she expected. I never did get to eat those steaks, I lost my appetite.

Once we got to the Rescue Lady house I got to meet the rest of the pack one by one and immediately got on playfully with every personality there. I have a playful puppyish attitude at just under 1 year old and a solid muscley 55 pounds. I'm a houndy mix, maybe a Foxhound/Wonderful mix. My snout and muzzle have a regal appearance making me look like the king of the jungle wearing white socks. I'm smart and loving. I've even learned to leash walk although I'm all over the road at first.

I learned that the cage is actually called a crate and it's a safe place to snooze. You can lounge around in or out of the crate, I'm good at lounging. I'm house trained and I'm very obedient so I can do more training. Also, since it's frowned upawn in human society I'm learning not to express my happy feelings by jumping on the Rescue Lady. And that goes for the morning happy wake up pounce too. I'm a keeper and I need someone to do the keeping either family, couple or individual.

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  • Breed

    Hound Mix

  • Age

    1 year

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  • Weight

    55 lbs