Faith & Hope

Faith is such a sweetheart. She had a very rough start to life and has come such a long way. She is is a wonderful playmate to our playful large dog and gets along great with our (somewhat evil) little chihuahua and our crabby, alpha cattle dog. She loves playing with dog friends and napping on the couch. She is not a barker, calm and quiet. Shes a low maintenance girl but does need reminded at times which toys are for dogs and which are for humans, which I'm sure is confusing when living with a toddler. She is great with my 2-year-old. He loves her and refers to her as "mommy dog." She takes treats very gently. She is housebroken. She does not currently live with cats but does share a yard with chickens - she would do best in a home without chickens, or will need some work before being able to hang out with free-ranging chickens. She is not aggressive but has happily tried playing with and chasing chickens. Faith would do best living with other dogs.

Hope was diagnosed with distemper as a young puppy. She was the lone survivor of her litter. At the age of 2 months she had completely lost the ability to walk, had severe tics, and had minimal control over voluntary body movements. Hope is now healthy and continues to make progress. She is still regaining strength and is working on re-learning how to walk. She LOVES to play with other dogs. She is able to move around rather quickly by using her front legs but has minimal use of her back legs. She has remained cognizant throughout her illness - she's housebroken, she loves attention and treats. She would do best in a home with other dogs as playing with other dogs is what makes her happiest.

  • Location



  • Breed

    Faith - Shepherd Mix

    Hope - Catahoula/Shepherd Mix

  • Age

    Faith - 4 years

    Hope - 6 months

  • Gender


  • Weight

    Faith - 38 lbs

    Hope - 20 lbs