Ellie is a 1.5 year old Lab/Shepherd/Rottie mix who’s super loving to everyone she meets. Inside the house she is learning to sit and wait for guests to come in and let them approach her as she isnt fully aware of her size when she wants to greet people.


Ellie loves to go on trail walks and is just as happy curling up next to her people!  She is very social so having another dog around would probably be best for her.


She has some separation anxiety which is currently treated with a pheromone collar that seems to be working well.  Ellie loves to sit very close to you and get loved on and sometimes forgets that she is not exactly a lap dog. Due to fear of being shut in the crate, Ellie is not crated. She is truly a big ol’ teddy bear!!


  • Location



  • Breed

    Lab/Shepherd/Rottie mix

  • Age

    1 1/2 years

  • Gender



  • Weight

    70 lbs