Dixie Rae (TX only adoption )

Dixie Rae (TX only adoption )

Dixie is a sweet lab mix, who loves to be around people and dogs. She was rescued from living in a chicken coop, when all she wanted was to be with people. She is gentle, walks well on a leash, sits for treats, and is a quiet, easy dog. 
Dixie does not jump on people, doesn’t bark a lot and is a perfect citizen. She will greet visitors with a gentle nudge and sleeps most of the day. She has occasional problems with bladder incontinence when left alone and wears a belly band (diaper) while inside her foster-home.
Dixie is basically a model dog with an old soul and is available for adoption in Texas only as she does not like being kenneled.
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  • Age

    6-7 years



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  • Weight

    72 lbs

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