All you need is love and a life with this pup! Cupid and her 4 littermates were rescued from euthanasia by an amazing human being who spends her days saving humans as a doctor and then the rest of her time, rescuing dogs.

Cupid, her Mom and her siblings were stuck in an overcrowded shelter in the Rio Grande Valley of Mexico. They were in poor health when first rescued almost 6 months ago and today, they all are thriving, fully vaccinated and completely vetted. All of this credit goes to Doly. And with grace, Addicus takes these amazing animals to transition them to your home.

This pretty girl weighs 28  pounds and at 8 months old, we don't figure she'll get over 35 pounds full grown. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves life and enjoys playing with her littermates outdoors.

It's an amazing feeling being a part of the story to a rescued pup. We hope you'll make Cupid a part of your story and family.



Cupid is available for adoption in TX and the Northeast.

  • Location


  • Breed

    Lab mix


  • Age

    8 months


  • Gender


  • Weight

    28  lbs

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