Comet was surrendered to a little shelter out in the country. He was 1 of 5 puppies that were born to a shepherd momma. We believe the daddy was a red heeler mix. The family couldn't keep the puppies, and surrendered them to the shelter. Comet came to us as a shy little guy. He blossomed within a couple of days and now is learning all things puppy! He is a perfect gentleman in the crate, loves his 3 meals a day, takes treats gently, is extremely dog friendly, and loves to be held. He has grown up around horses and is good with horses and goats. He does have the herding desire to follow chickens and kitties who run away. Because he is so young, this can be corrected with a little guidance. Comet is teething right now and his MOST FAVORITE thing to do, when he's not playing, is to CHEW! He will need plenty of chew toys to keep him occupied. Once he is older we will work on car rides and leash training, For now we are just allowing him to socialize with 20-30 dogs a day, play in the puppy pool, lay in the grass, chase frogs, and be a dirty little curious boy.

  • Location


  • Breed

    Shepherd/Heeler Mix

  • Age

    15 weeks



  • Gender


  • Weight

    26 lbs

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