Rescued from a lonely highway where only cars and dumped dogs are abundant, Casper willingly fell into the arms of Addicus and his huge-hearted foster. 

At 64 pounds and 3 years, Casper is all pyrenees and will show you his guardian skills by checking the perimeter of your fence and barking at whatever he deems a "threat". Sometimes it's a bird of prey while other times, it may be the neighbor's chihuahua, but what he may lack in silence, he excels in companionship.

Casper prefers the coolness of the floor in TX over a fuzzy bed. That's because he's built for cooler temperatures and has a triple coat (and yes, it sheds). This boy has settled in amazingly well with his diverse pack of canines and is proving once again that a dumped dog is a loyal one.


Casper is ready for his loving family of 1 or many and is fully vetted, microchipped and on preventatives.


This boy is available for adoption in TX and the Northeast.




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  • Age

    3 years

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  • Weight

    64 lbs

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