Brownie is a happy dancing fellow who will make a good companion dog for someone who wants someone to love and cherish in a simple setting without a lot of commotion or hyper dogs who might scare him. Brownie is sensitive and shy when first meeting strangers, and takes some time to feel safe with someone new. He is currently his foster’s comfort dog, often checking on foster and likes pets from foster. Brownie has relatively good recall in a fenced area, is crate trained and quietly reserved. He would be okay left alone as long as not all day, so he could have potty breaks.

Brownie is well behaved. He would do best in a family without rambunctious children, as they would scare him. Brownie does not like dogs that crowd or jump on him, because he was attacked by a dog when he was young. He will be happiest as an only, stay home dog. 

  • Location



  • Breed

    Dutch Shepherd

  • Age

    4-5 years


  • Gender



  • Weight

    65 lbs

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