Saved from the euthanasia list in a crowded shelter in South Texas, Brangus is an 11 month old male heeler who is so happy to play, please and be alive!
This guy smiles with his teeth. He literally has a grin when he's super happy and when he thinks he's been naughty. His foster has other heelers and knows they smile but never this big!
He follows you where you go. He has amazing recall and is so eager to learn and obey. It can't be easy to go from the streets, to a shelter and then to a home and be expected to know the rules but he's learned so fast and even arrived housetrained. 
Brangus loves to play with his foster siblings, he is tireless and will require daily exercise to prevent him from being bored and depressed. This breed of dog is built for working long hours and when there's no job to do, there had better be play.
Brangus is smaller for his breed. He's just at 30 pounds and will probably get to about 35 pounds full grown. He's easy to take along on rides but don't be surprised if he barks at passing cars as that's all part of the package of being a cattle dog.
Heelers are a high energy breed who will tire you out long before they're done for the day. Brangus plays well with dogs around his own age and size and gets along with males and females alike. He chases cats because they run but we're not sure that he'd know what to do with one if he caught up with them. He doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. This boy is a sweetheart and truly man's bestfriend. Please consider adopting Brangus and you’ll give him the biggest reason for his beautiful smile.
Available to adopt in Texas and the Northeast.
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