They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe the same goes for rescuing animals. This is Bowser, he’s 66 pounds of hugs, kisses and Staffordshire terrier. He loves people and especially kids and he has gotten along with every dog he’s met. Bowser was abandoned out in the country by his previous owner. He was so thin that the reports coming in from sightings described him as the “dumped, hungry dog”.

It took over a week before animal control could find him and in that time something magical happened; Bowser met a family with young children. They fed him and played with him while he remained “on the loose “. They fattened him up so much so that he looked like a completely different dog than the one who’d been dropped off only days earlier.

Bowser spent 5 weeks in the shelter waiting for his day to be rescued once again. With little time to spare as he neared euthanasia, the volunteers at the shelter, the community who followed them and Addicus’ Legacy saved his life. Now with a name and his very own bed, Bowser seeks a family to love and call his own.


Bowser is available for adoption in Texas and the Northeast.

  • Location



  • Breed

    Staffordshire mix


  • Age

    2 years

  • Gender



  • Weight

    66 pounds

  • Is Dog Cat Friendly?

    Was around outdoor cats and wasn't interested in them.