Baxter (TX only adoption)

Baxter (TX only adoption)

Baxter was rescued by Addicus and his foster from a sad situation where he was often kept in a kennel and muzzled. He grew up fearing humans as he hadn't been given the chance to meet a good one. After 3 days in his new home, Baxter came to realize that not all people were bad and he began an incredible transformation.

Baxter is a happy dog, he loves to play, fetch and cuddle. He will sit by his foster's side while they work and sleeps on their bed when they sleep. He is fully housetrained and very intelligent. He would make a great running partner for someone and his energy is balanced well with his ability to settle down and just "be".

Baxter will need time to meet more good people. He is still learning to trust and will bark at new strangers out of fear. He has not shown aggression or growled. He needs proper introductions and therefore we ask that someone who looks to adopt him, has the patience it takes to do so.

Baxter is available for adoption in Texas only.


  • Location


  • Breed

    Shepherd  mix


  • Age

    18 months


  • Gender


  • Weight

    70 pounds

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