This spirited survivor is Athena. She is a true rescue miracle. Athena overcame abuse, neglect, and birthing puppies, to survive against all odds. When she was found abandoned, she was in dire condition and thanks to her amazing rescue fosters that literally nursed her back to life, Athena survived. Athena fought because she knows that she deserves a second chance at a happy & safe life. And more than that, the patient family waiting to be her forever home deserves the unconditional love and devotion Athena is SO ready to share with the world!! 

This beautiful Husky is 1 year old and 32 pounds but expected to continue to gain weight, as she is getting stronger and healthier every day. Understandably, Athena has never known unconditional love and safety, but she is READY! Tail-waggin, smiling, and attention-demanding, she is eager to learn, love, and please. Athena needs an experienced owner dedicated to teaching her how life is supposed to feel when you have a family. Athena is highly motivated by food & attention, she is learning a lot about social manners and basic commands in her foster home, but her perfect family has to be willing to teach her with patience, provide enrichment activities, give her lots of exercise and ample opportunities to bask in the joy of being a dog. 

Athena is eager to make friends, dogs & cats alike, and she'll tell you when she wants to play. While her intentions are the best, Athena will happily take lessons on how to properly play & socialize with her animal friends. She loves them all, but Athena does need to learn to appreciate space & boundaries. For this reason, she will be happiest as an only dog. This fearless and enthusiastic sweetheart is curious about all things, she watches, learns, and wants to explore it all. Athena will make a great adventure dog and is hoping to find an owner that wants to have Athena trained and by her side as often as possible. With proper time and decompression, Athena will learn how to self-soothe, but currently, Athena has major FOMO and hates to be left alone, she wants to be by your side constantly. 

If you're ready to have a new family member, and teach Athena that life is GOOD and keep her safe, she will impress you!! Athena's home must respect the hardships she has faced to get to where & who she is today. She needs a family and/or someone that is patient with her and is ready to develop her social skills so she can get busy being the silly, playful, and loving dog she is. 

Athena is available for adoption in TX or the Northeast. 

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  • Age

    1 year old 

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  • Weight

    32 lbs

  • Is Dog Cat Friendly?

    Yes, with dog-friendly cat.