Archie and Kit (bonded pair)

Archie and Kit (bonded pair)

Hi! Kit and Archie here! 
What's better than adopting one dog?....Adopting a bonded pair of course! 
Kit has brown fur and Archie is a cream color. We are 2 year old Welsh Corgi mixes and pretty darn cute, don't you agree? 
Right now we're hanging out at a foster home where there's a cat who likes to hang out with us and we're cool with that. 
We pride ourselves on being gentlemen, are crate trained, and know to do our business outdoors when nature calls. 
We enjoy being pet but not really sure about belly rubs, at least not yet. Llittle humans move too fast for us and are kinda loud so we'd prefer a home with adults or older children. 
The humans say we need a home with a secure fenced in yard to keep us safe. 
Whatcha say? Got room in your heart home for the both of us?

  • Location


  • Breed

    Welsh Corgi Mix

  • Age

    2 years old


  • Gender


  • Weight

    Kit - 23 lbs

    Archie - 31 lbs