Anthony is a 3 year Yorkshire terrier mix. This little guy is getting used to what it’s like to have love from people. He sits for treats and runs to his crate when he sees his bowls coming out for meal time. Anthony walks well on a leash and has been described as the definition of a lap dog! He is happiest to be near his person and will sit with you for hours or in your arms. He'll also stand on his hind legs to beg for treats and craves love and affection.

Anthony would do best in a home with older children who can respect his space. His “perfect family” would be one where he is not left alone and has someone with him most of the time. He really wants to be a companion and is happy just to be near his people.  

Anthony needs his own fenced-in yard. His yard must be escape proof and doors have to be monitored when opened and closed. He will squeeze through in a heartbeat. Once he feels safe he will come to you, but he loves to run and will make a break for it if given the chance. In his foster home, Anthony uses a doggie door to let himself out and has done very well with potty-training

Anthony is fascinated with cats and once they let him smell them, he lives with them easily. He would do best with confident cats. He gets along with all the dogs that he lives with in his foster home.

He has so much character rolled into such a small package but we promise you, this is one gift you won't want to return. Anthony is available for adoption in Texas or in the Northeast if adopter is willing to fly him.

Anthony is available for adoption in Texas.

  • Location



  • Breed

    Yorkie mix

  • Age

    3 years

  • Gender



  • Weight

    8 lbs

  • Is Dog Cat Friendly?

    Yes if cat is dog friendly