Anthony is a 3 year old little man. And will only be available to be adopted in Texas. He has separation anxiety and needs his human to be home. Either retired or working from home. Very special care would be required to keep babies, toddlers, or young children safe. As well as Anthony. He will correct a child if they invade his comfort zone or play too rough. He is fine if the child is gentle and not rambunctious. They need to be old enough to respect this little fella.


He needs his own fenced in yard and needs to be considered a flight risk. His yard must be escape proof. And doors have to be monitored when opened and closed. He will squirt through in a heart beat. Once he feels safe he will come to you. Anthony is used to going potty in a yard and not on a leash. He is using doggy doors at the Foster’s house and the Foster’s daughter’s house, where he spends his week days while the foster takes care of the grandchild. His foster does not consider him to be potty trained. It is a work in progress. He wears a belly band and is crate trained.


Anthony came into rescue as a 3 year old intact male running the streets. He has since been neutered. He was never taught manners. But he is learning so much since he has been with the foster. He sits for treats and runs to his crate when he sees the bowls coming out for meal time. Anthony is low energy. He is not interested in long walks on the beach. But he will happily let you carry him while you walk on the beach. Saying that he does walk well in the leash for short walks. Then he wants to be carried. He is the consummate lap dog. He is not interested in playing. Just wants to be near his person. He is fascinated with cats. And once they let him smell them, he lives with them easily. He would do best with confidant cats. Scared cats might illicit a different reaction. He gets along with all the dogs at the Foster’s house and the grandson’s house. The largest is 30lb. He will probably do well with any dog, as long as they don’t mind that he doesn’t want to play. With them. Or anyone. He has a strict no play rule. He only wants his human. Could you be his person? Could you love him enough to help him finish his training? He will reward you with so much love.


  • Location



  • Breed

    Yorkie mix

  • Age

    3 years

  • Gender



  • Weight

    8 lbs