This tiny lab mix is Addison!! At 9 weeks old, 10 pounds and growing she loves to love and is a velcro pup, anywhere YOU GO, SHE GOES! She loves to be by her humans at all times and bonds quickly! This spunky, toy-hoggin', optimist lives for your love and attention and is sure to make you laugh with her floppy puppy body.


Addison is a social butterfly making BFFs everywhere she goes and also loves other dogs. Her puppy energy is contagious and she's often caught amping up her foster siblings to romp around with her in the grass.


The perfect home for Addison would have another dog playmate to wrestle, chase, and fetch with! She'll be a perfect adventure dog because she loves to please and prefers to stay close to her family.  A perfect day for Addison is soaking up the sun outside, practicing how to run without flopping over herself, and chasing a ball! A backyard that is fenced in is a must for this growing lady! 

Addison is available for adoption in TX or the Northeast. 

  • Location


  • Breed

    Lab Mix

  • Age

    9 Weeks


  • Gender




  • Weight

    6 lbs and growing! 


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