Meet Abbey! This sweet black mouth curr mix has had a rough 6 1/2 years of life! Probably used for hog hunting, she has many scars to prove it! Part of one of her ears has been torn off & she has a limp from an old tear to her back right leg. Despite her past, she is facing a much brighter future. She loves to cuddle & be petted. She is low energy but loves to occasionally check out the yard for any critters! She lives in a foster home with many dogs uneventfully. The only time there might be a problem is feeding time. Just need to feed her separately & all is well!

She is not one to play with other dogs & is content to watch from a distance. There is a cat in the upstairs part of the house & she does not try to chase. Interaction with kids is limited but she is fine with teenagers. She is anxious in a kennel, enough to bend the bars to get out. She can be kept in a yard but has been known to dig out. She doesn't want to roam, just wants to get into the house with her people. She is happiest in the house lounging on the couch with the fam. It's best to keep her access to the kitchen blocked as she tends to countersurf for food. She is housebroken and does try to hit the pads if left alone too long without a break. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, and was just treated for her heartworms. This 50 lb bundle of love is ready to find her forever home.

  • Location


  • Breed

    Black Mouth Cur Mix

  • Age

    6 1/2 years


  • Gender


  • Weight

    50 lbs