How To Get Involved

If you are not ready to commit to a new furry family member but still want to help, here are several roles we ALWAYS need to fill:


  • Foster:

What you provide:

· A safe temporary home, including food, treats & toys.

· Patience (keep in mind that just like us humans, our four-legged friends aren’t perfect either).

· Your time.

· Photos/videos for the rescue to use in order to market your house guest.

· Help in promoting the dog, e.g. on social media, at adoption events, etc.

· Knowledge you have gained of your little visitor to be shared with the potential adopter.

What you receive in return:

· The fulfilling feeling of saving a dog’s life.

· A playmate for your resident dog (if applicable).

· A buddy for your kids without the commitment of permanent adoption.

· Support from other fosters/boarding facilities when you go away for business or on vacation and can no longer foster.

· Cheap therapy - yessss, while you think you are saving the dog’s life, in many cases our puppies have saved the foster ;-).

· All vet costs are covered by ALDR provided that you visit one of the partnering pet hospitals.

Ready for this challenge? Simply fill out our Foster Application here.

  • Application Coordinator:

Reviews adoption and foster applications by speaking to the applicant and all listed references and making an educated decision on whether or not the applicant is a suitable pet owner/temporary foster parent.



  • Event Coordinator:

Coordinates and works adoption events, which includes setting up a tent, table etc., inviting fosters and their dogs to get them out there, and chatting to people about the organization and available pups.

The more help we can get in this area, the more events we can do! We are fortunate enough to have many corporate supporters and several venues that allow us to set up events with our dogs but we need help coordinating and working those events.



  • Social Media and Website Support:

Creates postings on Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor etc. and shares them in various groups. Lists available dogs on Rescue Me, PetFinder and other professional pet adoption sites.



  • Marketing Coordinator:

Provides Website support, handles promo items, photography coordination, writing, etc.

If you want to become part of the Addicus team, simply fill out our Contact Form and specify which role(s) you are interested in.