You Have The Power To Change A Dog's Life

We have fosters that have been with us for years while others are just getting started; but no matter how long you’ve been doing it, without you, rescuing all of these fur babies wouldn’t be possible.


Return Fosters

Most of our fosters do it once, and come back for more.


Multi-Dog Fosters

Many of our fosters foster more than one dog at a time.

What You Provide:

  • A safe temporary home, including food, treats & toys.
  • Patience (keep in mind that just like us humans, our four-legged friends aren’t perfect either).
  • Your time.
  • Filling out paperwork, requesting medications, taking your foster to vet appointments, keeping track of vaccines and preventatives, health certificates if traveling on transport
  • Photos/videos and bio for your foster, for the rescue to use in order to market your foster dog.
  • Speaking with potential adopters about your foster and approving them for adoption
  • Meet and greets with local adopters

What You Receive In Return

The fulfilling feeling of saving a dog’s life.

  • A playmate for your resident dog (if applicable).
  • A buddy for your kids without the commitment of permanent adoption.
  • Support from other fosters/boarding facilities when you go away for business or on vacation and can no longer foster.
  • Love!  While you may be saving the dog’s life, in many cases our dogs have saved the foster!  There is nothing like the gratitude of a shelter dog to warm your heart!
  • All vet costs are covered by ALDR provided that you visit one of the approved veterinarians.
  • Ready for this challenge? Simply fill out our Foster Application below depending on your location:

Apply to Foster a Dog