New Fosters - WELCOME! 

You are a critical piece of the puzzle here at Addicus. We appreciate your help!  

Please take time to read our handbook…this will make your volunteer experience MUCH more predictable and easy to understand! 


1. How to “find” your foster dog

There are several options how you can find your first/next foster dog.

a) You can keep a close eye on the posts on our Foster & Volunteer Facebook page where immediate needs are posted consistently. Since you are an approved foster, you can simply comment and offer your help. 

b) You can ask your foster coordinator to help you find a suitable foster dog.

c) Lastly, you can post on the Foster & Volunteer Facebook page yourself and mention that you are ready for a new fur friend. Please briefly describe the type of dog you can foster (weight restrictions, age, your household situation, etc).


2. Fill out the Foster Dog Intake Form (within 48 hours of receiving your foster dog)

This form is very important for our admin team to be able to track where the dog is currently located and to set him up with a Facebook thread for all future communication. 

The information provided will also help our marketing team setting the dog up with all basic information on our Website.

IMPORTANT! Please take a photo or scan the dog’s medical/shelter records and post them on his/her messenger thread once it is set up. This also needs to be done with all records you receive from a vet while in your care.

Make sure you are added to your Foster Dog’s Facebook Messenger thread for all future Communication!

3. Fill out the Medication Request Form (within 48 hours of receiving your foster dog)

Please order the following and get them started immediately after receipt:

– Heartworm Preventative (dogs > 6 weeks old)

– Flea & Tick Preventative (dogs > 6 weeks old)

– Dewormer (dogs > 6 weeks old; unless you get the dog from another foster who has already completed this. (Please confirm!)

Please check off any other medication listed on the form (if applicable) or message Lisa McClanahan if you are unsure.

Please don’t list spay/neuter or other procedures on this form since they have to be taken care of by a vet.

*Medications will be mailed to you once your request is processed. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery and if not received in time, contact Lisa McClanahan.

Heartworm and Flea & Tick Preventatives are to be given to the dog the same day every month. Please make a note in your calendar on the next date they are due. Setting a reminder ten days before that date will allow you to re-order the medications right in time.

4. Check the Medical Checklist to see if your Foster Dog needs to see a Vet.

Please check first which of these vaccines your foster may have already received at the shelter. If additional care is needed, please schedule an appointment with one of our approved vets.

Basics for Dogs > 6 weeks old: 

– Two Rounds of DHPP

– Bordetella

– Rabies (dogs > 14 weeks old)

– Spay/Neuter (dogs > 6 months old)

– Heartworm Testing (dogs > 7 months old; unless the shelter has already tested for this. Please confirm!)

Medical Checklist for Dogs 1 year+ can be viewed and printed here.

IMPORTANT: Puppies may need additional care. See checklist for puppies <12 months old here.

5. Helping your foster get adopted….glamour shots and personality information!

Clear photos, including a head shot and other fun pictures that reflect your dog’s personality. Outdoor photos preferred. High-quality photos will help your house guest get adopted out faster.

– All relevant information about your foster dog that will help the marketing team put together a detailed biography for our Website. This should be updated on your thread as you get to know your foster. 

6. Share the word about your foster!

Spread the word about your foster on your own Facebook or Instagram page, on Nextdoor and/or any other platform you are on.

PLEASE DIRECT FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO FILL OUT OUR ADOPTION APPLICATION.  We do not allow meet and greets UNTIL the application is approved.  This avoids any uncomfortable situations for both Addicus and the potential adopter.

7. Connecting your dog with possible adopters!​

Once you are provided with the contact information of a potential adopter, please reach out to them within 48 hours and give them all relevant information about the dog. If the adopter is still interested in moving forward and lives within driving distance to you, you can now schedule a meet and greet with them. This can happen at a public place, such as a park, at your home or their home. This really depends on your comfort level. If they are a puppy and still “No Paws on the Ground”, they should come to your house to meet the puppy and not a public place.

Once the applicant is ready to adopt, they can find the contract and make the adoption payment on our website under the Adopt tab.

The dog CANNOT BE RELEASED to the adopter without confirmation of contract, payment and all of the dog’s paperwork (medical and shelter records). Please confirm that all of your foster’s documents are complete.

8. Is your dog adopted in the Northeast?

If so, making sure all medical records are complete and that you get him/her a formal health certificate (required to cross state lines).  

Medical Requirements

To be transported out of Texas, your foster dog MUST be up-to-date on the following vaccines:

– Two Rounds of DHPP

– Bordetella

– Rabies (dogs > 14 weeks old)

– A negative heartworm test (dogs > 7 months old), unless they were recently treated for heart worm (this information should be included on their vet records)

– Spay/Neuter documentation (> 6 months old)

– PREVENTATIVES – your foster MUST have been given Addicus’ deworming protocol for their age group, and be currently on flea/tick and heartworm preventatives. They will be unable to transport if this is not complete.

Health Certificate – Please do NOT skip this step!

You will also need a Health Certificate from a vet that was issued 5 to 8 days before transport delivery date. Your foster dog MUST be seen by a vet in person to receive this certificate.

Austin area drop-off location and a list of all required items to be sent with your dog can be found here.

 Please note: Drop-off is always on a Thursday at a specific location. Unfortunately, this may not be convenient for many of you who work full-time. If you realize that you won’t be able to take your foster dog to transport yourself, please post for help on our Addicus’ Legacy Foster and Volunteers page on Facebook or on the TX fosters thread a week before transport. A lot of times, you may have to drop off your foster dog with someone who is willing to help out the night before.

Lastly, please ensure that you were added to the Facebook Messenger thread for your transport date. Pamela Fron will provide you with all necessary updates and schedule changes a few days before.

Are you a 1st Time Foster?

Please request to be added to our closed Addicus’ Legacy Foster and Volunteers group on Facebook and introduce yourself via brief post. In order to be approved to the group a bit faster, please mention in the Q&A section that you are an approved foster.

We believe this should answer the most common foster questions but if you still need further assistance, please ask on the FB messenger thread with your dog’s name on it!