Our Fundraising For Shelter Animals

All donations go directly toward paying medical bills for dogs pulled from kill shelters around Texas. Addicus’ Legacy is a 501c3 rescue that saves hundreds of dogs each year and relies on donations to further our cause.

Ways To Donate

One-Time Donation

Donate one time to help the rescue with general costs.

Medical Donation

Donate toward the routine care we give our dogs.

Monthly Donation

Donate monthly. Our most helpful donation.

Illness Donation

Donate toward the medical needs our dogs have for a variety of surgeries and sicknesses.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Where does my donation go?

Donations help pay for the medical care of the dogs we rescue.  On average, we spend $300 MORE than what our adoption fee covers.  

Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  If you’re interested in helping us fundraise, please contact us here.


One Time Donation

Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue offers safe and secure online payment for donations. Your donation goes to help our current and future dogs in great need of rescue! We appreciate each donation we receive. 

If this is a memorial or a specific donation on behalf of a person (or even a dog), please list the name of the person (or dog) in whose honor you would like to make the donation.

Monthly Donation

Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue takes in pregnant animals, and families like this momma and her puppies all the time.

Monthly Donations make it possible for us to provide the extensive medical care necessary to save her life, and the lives of her puppies.

Medical Donation

Each dog Addicus’ takes in gets fully vetted to protect them from many diseases, before being adopted.

Your donation will help one of our dogs get a spay/neuter or other medical needs like flea/tick & heart-worm preventative, microchipping  or vaccinations.

Illness Donation

Many dogs come to us needing special care, such as treatment for heart-worm, or life saving surgery.

These costs are usually the highest for the rescue, sometimes in the thousands of dollars. 

Your donation helps these dogs get the medical care they need to get healthy and become adoptable.