So, You Want to Volunteer?

Addicus’ Legacy has saved thousands of dogs over the years thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers. 

Every dog that we save is helped by many members on our team….from transport, to foster, to marketing, to medical….it requires a whole team to get a dog from a shelter and into their forever family.

Types of Volunteering

Our committed volunteers coordinate the rescues of dogs that are hundreds of miles away, which often involves many steps including:

  • Transport coordination to move the dog out of danger and into a foster home

  • Foster recruitment and training 

  • Medical care and appointments

  • Database management for medical records 

  • Marketing and photography

  • Transport to the Northeast

  • Application processing

  • Website Posting


Volunteer Application

Thanks for offering to help us!

There is a long list of things we could use help with and feel free to add your own category if you don’t see what you would like to do to help.

Filling out the Contact Us form is a simple way to let us figure out how to harness all that talent. Please fill this out and tell us how you would like to help. We look forward to you working with us to save dogs.